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Host Rewards

Hosts may receive a $15 gift card from Tea Queens by hosting a qualified party. A qualified party includes a host, at least two guests, and retail sales totaling $100 or more. To receive a gift card for hosts, contact us with host and party information at info@teaqueenparties.com.

As an independent Tea Consultant for Tea Queens, you are able to reward your hosts any way you choose. Here are some suggestions for host rewards that are always appreciated:

Host Credit
You can offer your host a percentage off their purchase based on the amount of their total party sales and future parties booked. For example: for a $250 party offer a 10% credit; with one future party booked offer a 15% credit; with two future parties booked offer a 20% credit.

Exclusive Offers
What products would motivate your host to have a party? Perhaps it's another 8 oz bag of Tea Queens exclusive tea, or one of our other limited-time products. Offer these to your host as a reward for a successful party.

Remember your host can also take advantage of the current Tea Queen Customer special.

More Ideas

  • Half priced items for each future party booked.
  • Offer a “Host Special., such as $40 worth of tea whenever your host invites at least 4 guests who are new to you and Tea Queens.
  • Suggested host gifts, such as the Tea Queens scone mix, Signature Sugar, or add your personal touch. The key is to keep it appealing, while inexpensive.
  • Consider giving back by donating a portion of your party sales to the charity of your host's choice.