What is a Tea Queens Consultant?

A Tea Consultant is an independent sales consultant that represents Tea Queens by selling tea and merchandise through their own home-based business. These consultants receive a 25% commission on all of their sales. Additionally, a consultant may sponsor other Tea Consultants and earn an additional percentage based on the purchases made by other consultants that they sponsor.

Is there a startup cost?

Tea Queens gives you a flexible option for starting your own business. The only required investment is the starter kit for $99. There are no hidden fees, no membership dues and no paperwork processing fees.

Do I need to keep inventory?

No! Tea Queens supplies all of the tea and merchandise and ships it directly to your customers. You may, however, order additional items for yourself using your 25% consultant discount.

I love tea but I don't know much about it. How can I be successful?

The Tea Queens staff has been in the tea business for over twenty-five years. We supply you with all of the tea knowledge you need and will stand behind you every step of the way with training, business supplies and marketing material

Is this a pyramid scheme? You mentioned that I can sponsor other Tea Consultants and make money from their purchases.

No. Tea Consultants do receive additional revenue from the purchases generated by their team members. However, a Tea Consultant is ONLY eligible for that extra revenue if they meet a certain threshold in sales on her own. In other words, a consultant can not just sponsor other consultants and cease selling on her own.

Ok, I'm interested. How do I find out more?

Great! We know you must have a lot more questions, though. Please contact us for more information at info@teaqueenparties.com or call our offices in Seattle, WA at 206-466-1173.